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Rahmaniyya Arabic College is a premier Islamic educational institution in Kerala. Our goal is to prepare scholars capable of spreading Islamic ideology and the true spirit of Ahlu_sunna in the World. We have excellent and committed faculty and students who would like to make the world a better place to live
The education at Rahmaniya Arabic College tries to find a balance between pure Islamic tradition and contemporary context. We inspire and motivate our students to be the best in their fields by rigorous learning and training process. Our environment and culture enables them to the emobodiment of ethics and to adapt innovative skills.
Rahmaniya Arabic Colllege has always been in the forefront of providing the quality education to its students and our istitution has a long standing tradition of Islamic Da’wa across the world. The Rahmani scholars have been doing their best in all walks of the social life particularly in the areas of teaching and Islamic propagation. Join us to be a part of a unique teaching, learning and living experience as it is much different from many other educational institutions.