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It is the primary stage of eight years Rahmani Degree Course. In this stage, students can acquire their basic requirements of their further study and become able to speak and read in three languages other than mother tongue i.e. Arabic, English and Urdu. And they also obtain the certificate of Higher Secondary Examination provided by Govt. of Kerala.

image Rashid Ash'ari(HOD)

This secondary stage of Rahmani Degree Course is the main and core academic duration of the students. In this stage, the students can complete U.G.C recognised Under Graduation Course from a leading university in Kerala selected by the authority. And they can build their strong foundation in the fields of different Islamic disciplines like Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and related sciences.

image Fajrudeen Rahmani (HOD)

Through the completion of this trilateral stage of the course, the students can obtain M.A Degree from any leading and recognised university in India as per the direction of the authority. They would be able to conduct deep study and research in different topics and expand the world of knowledge of both religious and material together.

image Mohammed Kabeer Rahmani, Manalippuzha(HOD)

In this last and final stage of the Rahmani course, the students become Islamic Scholars who have the deep and wide knowledge concerning all spheres of Islamic life. Finally they qualified to receive the certificate of Moulavi Fadil Rahmani.

image Mahin Musliyar (HOD)