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Katameri road, Ayancheri, P.O. Ayancheri, Thiruvallur via, Kozhikkode. 673541


"Ayancheri shamsul ulama shariath academy" is a most distinguished and dignified sub-organ of rahmaniyya Arabic college ,kadameri.This is absolutely differentiated and uncommon institution for 'huffaz' in Kerala.There are few institutions that are aimed at providing huffaz with higher education.so,it has gone down in history of rahmaniyya Arabic college as a golden chapter.huffaz are the Devine grace to Muslim community.sad to say,there is a shortage of opportunities for their improvements and development.under the circumstance,rahmaniyya undertook the challenge of present day in the form of a college for huffaz.
        The basic importance is attached to Quran related sciences and "Quran Doura".in spiritual sphere,the syllabus of 'aliya' and 'alamiya' is being lectured here under great Islamic scholars along with plus two and degree of a famous University.

Our features

  • higher education in Islamic studies

  • "Aliya,alamiya"syllabus with plus two and University degree

  • multi_linguistic study(Malayalam, Arabic, English & Urdu)

  • smart class room

  • Wide reference library

  • strict discipline

  • Spacious playground