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Rahmaniyya Public School, Katameri

Rahmaniya Public School was established in the year 2000, at Katameri under the management of Rahmaniya Educational Association. Now Rahmaniya is one of the reputed schools in our locality which stands for dissemination of knowledge among the socially and educationally backward community. We harmoniously blend modern scientific knowledge hand in hand with moral education.Rahmaniya Public School provides an outstanding academic education aiming to give the students a long lasting and satisfying learning experience by challenging them to reach their highest potential through our curriculum. Our mission is to shape tomorrow’s citizens by developing our children mentally alert, morally upright , aesthetically refined culturally well behaved, emotionally stable , ethically sound , spiritually enriched, religiously pious, physically fit , socially efficient .

Contact Number of Public English Medium School:

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Head of the Institution
Abdul Nasar Nadwi