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Rahmaniyyais the first to introduce in southern part of India, the infinite possibilitiesof integrated education i.e. combining Islamic theology and modern scientificeducation. It goes without saying that it heralded a new era in the annals ofIslamic education in the southern part of India and it is a pleasurable factthat hundreds of Rahmani Degree holders serve the community across the lengthand breadth of the world with high standard of academic achievement,commitment, integrity and code of conduct based on Islamic teachings.

What wasstarted as Arabic college in 1972 has now blossomed into an educational complexhousing Secondary Residential School, Higher Secondary Residential School,Destitute Study Centre, High School, Higher Secondary School, Computer Academy,CBSE Public School and Women’s College and so on.

Rahmaniyyais going on in its course forward with successful outputs from thewhole-hearted assistance and cooperation, mental, physical and financial, fromwell-wishers of the community .Allah may bless us with his help in all ourefforts.

                                         SayedHyderali Shihab